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How Your Coach Is Your GPS….helping you avoid traffic

coach Laurie-Ann Murabito speaker How on earth did we all manage to get around without a computerized voice telling us where to go literally every step of the way? Turn right in 500 feet! Not too long ago, I was driving to my sister’s house for my nephew’s birthday BBQ in RI, just outside of Providence. I’ve travelled to Providence plenty of times from my home in NH and I know the route; however, for some reason, I threw on the GPS (you know, just in case). As I was getting closer to Providence, the GPS told me to turn and take a different route. What? Why does the GPS want me to turn here? No, that’s not right! The GPS must be wrong. I’ve travelled this route countless times and I knew where I was going, so when it told me to go on a different route, I stubbornly stayed the course! My course!

Rerouting… Rerouting… Rerouting

  I drove for a few more miles, mocking the GPS with a victorious, “A HA!” I know better than the silly map, and that’s when I ran into a wall of traffic. I ended up stuck, rolling along at a whopping 5 MPH, still 25 minutes from my destination and now late for the birthday celebration!  Ugh. In reality the GPS saw the traffic I hadn’t encountered yet and it was attempting to save me some time and sanity. That’s when it dawned on me, as I was sitting in that traffic the GPS was desperately trying to help me avoid, I realized just how precious time is. My time that was now being eaten up sitting, slowly rolling towards my destination. As I slowly inched forward, I realized: GPS is a lot like coaching.  

A Coach is like GPS

  Coaching helps a client maneuver, similar to GPS helping you avoid the traffic jams, getting you to your destination while saving you time and sanity. A coach will also help you assess the issues, the gridlock, all the things that are slowing you down from getting to where you want to be. A coach will help you anticipate the traffic you’re going to face and guide you around it.  

What would you set your GPS for?

  We all have habits and appreciate the comfort of taking a familiar route. We like to feel that we know best. There’s some comfort in doing the same things we’ve done in the past, expecting different results. But with a coach, you can develop new habits to create new results. Your coach guides you on a new route towards your goal. You’re still the one defining the goal. Launching a brand new online business, you know what items need to get done—there are a lot! It’s a lot like driving in city traffic: you know where you’re headed, but should you turn here or is it a few more blocks? You can’t see beyond the car in front of you and all those red tail lights… ugh! You turn on the GPS, put in the address and find the best route around the gridlock, saving yourself a whole bunch of time and frustration. When I first start working with a client, we start with the end in mind (like GPS). What are your goals (destination)? Then, we construct the strategy (the route). Sure we might need to reroute somewhere along the way, but you’ll never hear me say, “Let’s stay on the original course!” Every client’s program is personalized to their unique needs, goals and skills.   Let’s map out the best course of action to take you from where you are to where you want to be. Book a complimentary call at http://bit.ly/chatwithla  
Laurie-Ann Murabito business coach for women

Laurie-Ann Murabito, Mentor & Business Coaching for Women. I work with coaches, consultant and service professionals wanting to grow their online business, get positioned as the expert to hire, and leverage their intellectual property quickly!

Leaving her corporate healthcare job with no business plan but a desire in her heart and a vision in her mind. She replaced her salary in 3 months and built a 6 figure business. She combines her years as an executive coach, obsession with growing businesses and love for the online world to help her clients grow and scale faster.

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