Speak and Stand Out with Laurie-Ann Murabito

There is no visibility DNA – it’s not your DNA that makes you better at being visible or better at speaking either. It’s all about baby steps and doing the work. I want to share with you how to become more visible and the whole reason why I’m doing this is because I want you to get out there and build your business with confidence using the platforms available to you. Find out more about the free Visibility for Introverts training right here in this live

01:53 | It’s all about doing the work, you can’t delegate or outsource your visibility.
01:59 | Don’t play the comparison game or even try to think what others will think about you. (Trust me, they wish they could do what you’re doing.)
04:15 | Visibility is an even playing field because everyone started with their first post, first video, first speech, first Facebook live.
04:51 | There’s a variety of ways to get visible. When you pick one (or two) that feel good to you-you’ll show up consistently.
08:35 | How to start being visible easily and with more confidence
10:03 | You get to decide how you want to get seen and I want you to give yourself grace and go easy on yourself.
11:04 | Being visible is like a muscle, the more you do it the stronger (and better) you’ll get. #Guaranteed
12:27 | Here’s an extra tip for doing Facebook lives that will help you to show up if that’s a platform you choose.
14:43 | Free Visibility for Introverts training starts next week…. __________

Ready to take your business to the next level? Ready to leave your 9-5 and start building your business and be a successful entrepreneur? Stop wasting your time and spinning your wheels in frustration. Let me be your guide! I’ll show you the right steps to build a successful business and use speaking to position you as the expert in your industry, even if it’s a noisy crowded one.

Laurie-Ann Murabito business coaching for women

Laurie-Ann, Business Mentor & Success Coach for coaches, consultant and service professionals wanting to grow their online business, get positioned as the expert to hire, and leverage their intellectual property quickly!

Leaving her corporate healthcare job with no business plan but a desire in her heart and a vision in her mind. She replaced her salary in 3 months and built a 6 figure business. She combines her years as an executive coach, obsession with growing businesses and love for the online world to help her clients grow and scale faster.

Listen to her podcast here, Be In Demand