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Your signature speech will get you in front of your ideal clients, so you can stop wasting time, energy and money growing your audience.

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With a signature speech you can STOP…..

✔️ Writing social captions, FB posts, tweets hoping to get seen by your perfect prospects

✔️ Wasting time engaging on social so the algorithm will like you and show your posts to hopefully the perfect people who might buy from you one day

✔️ Guessing what to discuss in your blogs 

✔️ Being frustrated live-streaming to no one

✔️ Throwing money at ads, since you never know who’s really seeing them

…..it’s exhausting and lonely

Speaking is the fastest way to grow your business and have more impact.

When I first started out in the speaking world, I had no idea how to put together  a speech that not only delivered on the problem I wanted to solve but also had my audience wanting more. So I tried and tried until I discovered what worked and created a framework for a speech that had my audience raving about me, remembering me long after I stepped off the stage and referred me.


This was a lightbulb moment. This framework was the key that unlocked so much for me. My social followers grew, each time I spoke more quality people joined my email list, getting booked for other speaking events became easier, and I had a full roster of clients. Plus, receiving emails from audience members about how my story changed their life was the icing on the cake!


This will be perfect for you if you are:

✔️ Coach, consultant, or service based business owner ready to share their story 

✔️ Ready to impact more people and serve others in a BIGGER way

✔️ Want a system for attracting the perfect clients on repeat and have fun at the same time

✔️ Looking to stop working all the hours and have the freedom to build your business in a way that actually works!

You can get in front of your ideal clients be comfortable and confident and have a bigger impact to more people with a signature speech that makes you In Demand!

When you speak in front of an audience (in person and virtual) you’re speaking to a group of pre-qualified leads. Those audience members said yes to being there, yes to buying a ticket and yes to wanting to learn from you and hear your story to solve their problem. 

And speaking is so much more than stagesDid someone say podcasts, live-streams, video creation, and more?

Pre-qualified leads are more likely to become clients when you build the relationship with them during your speech vs. wasting hours trying to attract leads on social.



What’s inside In Demand Signature Speech….LIVE trainings

Foundations….. Feel confident in delivering an impactful message when you understand and work from my framework. This repeatable framework is the process you’ll use the next time you craft another speech and telling another one of your stories. Learn how to properly connect with your audience, share memorable stories and have them raving about you with my 3C’s compelling, captivating and converting.

The First 30 SecondsThis is where most speakers fall flat and don’t recover. You’ll learn to grab your audience’s attention and captivate them right from the very first words you speak and have them continue listening right to the very end.

Establishing Your AuthorityKeep you audience listening and seeing you for the expert that you are by confidently sharing the parts of your story that builds your credibility while establishing the know, like and trust.        

Storytelling and ValueThis is where you’ll learn to tell your story for lasting memorable impact. Stories educate, entertain, sell and impact audiences. You’ll craft your story to move people. I’ll also share with you how I ensure the audience walks away with the lessons and intensions I set for the presentation.

SeedingBuild a relationship with each member of your audience to invite them to take the next step with you.You’ll seed messages about what you do and how you can help them without sounding like an infomercial but a friend who’s an expert on your topic and ready to help. The relationships you build will last long after you’ve stepped off the stage.

ClosingConfidently end your speech in a memorable way that leaves your audience wanting more and raving about you long after you stop talking. Close your speech powerfully and with a clear invitation to continue the relationship, so that you can resume the conversation and have lasting influence and impact.

Speaking TipsLook like a pro right from the very first speech. Learn how to customize and  turn your signature speech into a 30, 45, 60 min speech or workshop, so that you’re an adaptable speaker when the circumstances call for you to make modifications on the spot.


PLUS……BONUSGuest ExperSteve Gamlin, Humorist, Speaker and Author will be sharing tips and tricks on punching up your presentation with humor and laughter, even if you have a serious topic. In the speaking world we say, “The more they laugh, the more money you make.”

PLUS…..Lifelong access to ALL the calls and replays

PLUS…..Group coaching and co-working space to get your signature speech written!!

An In Demand Signature Speech will get you booked and rebooked on repeat.

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Enrollment begins in the fall of 2022

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How would it feel to get everything inside IN Demand Signature Speech PLUS the opportunity to work privately alongside Laurie-Ann? Does the thought of having Laurie-Ann’s brain crafting phrases for you, editing your stories and personally helping you word your offer sound like the cherry on top of the decadent desert? Then grab one of these VIP spots and you’ll have 2 private coaching session. 


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FREE ticket into the Get Booked Masterclass, find, pitch and get booked to speak 🎤

This 90 minute Masterclass where you’ll learn how to find, pitch and get booked to speak. Pitching templates included! I’ll teach you what took me years to learn and perfect, so you don’t waste any time, money or energy because you’ve got a story to tell, a message to deliver and impact to make.

$497 VALUE

Fast Action BONUS expires Friday April 22nd at midnight EST


How long is the program? 8 weeks. 

When are the group calls? Weekly live trainings will be held 5pm EST on Mondays. You’ll be notified later of the group Q&A Coaching and co-working dates and times, which is separate from the live trainings..

When does IND SS start? The week of May 2nd

When will this program run again? No plans as of now.

Who is this for? Coaches, consultants, course creators, service based business owners and those in corporate jobs wanting to elevate their brand, be seen and heard authentically.

Are there any guarantees? You will have a complete signature speech upon completion of the program, if you show up and do your part. I’m even providing co-working time to give you the time and space to write your signature speech and craft your story. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and get feedback. If you want to take a test drive and feel this is not for you after the first week, reach out to me for a full refund.

Is there lifetime access to the content? Yes.

Laurie-Ann Murabito business coaching for women

Hey, I’m glad you’re here!

I’m Laurie-Ann, and my friends call me LA, and I’m a reformed painfully shall gal, who accidentally became a professional speaker and an executive coach to top level leaders in multiple industries. I use all of my experience plus my obsession with business and how to effectively help my clients have a profitable business without sacrificing themselves or their families. I’ve built 3 successful businesses from the ground up and I’m going to show you exactly how I’ve done that each time.

Consider me your interim business coach and together during this free training you’ll learn actual tips and strategies you can apply RIGHT AWAY for REAL RESULTS!