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How to Pitch Yourself as the Speaker and get Noticed

You’ve heard me shouting from the rooftops—and onstage—about how public speaking is the best (and I mean the best) form of marketing for your business.

There are so many opportunities for you to shine as a speaker, but what do you do once you find an event? How do you get eyes (and ears) on your pitch to increase your chances of getting the coveted invite?

The simple answer: stand out. Here are five ideas tips to help you do just that.

Find the Right Events

What and who is in your sweet spot? I often ask my private clients, “What do you love to share and speak about?” Well, start there! Next, take it a step further: “Who do you enjoy sharing that information with? Who resonates with your message?

You want to find events, meetings or conferences that would not only be interested in your topic, but also be marketing to your ideal audience. Those attendees who’ll resonate with your speech.

Fellow speaker and friend of mine Steve Gamlin, The Motivational Firewood Guy, is a motivational comedian and his ideal audience is women—granted, anybody could benefit from his motivational talks!

Let’s say, your niche is marketing or social media—which are topics that would benefit many different industries. (As a matter of fact, I’m not sure what industry wouldn’t need either of these topics.) There’s always a target audience within the larger group that could benefit, so your sweet spot might be small business owners and not food bloggers.

Finding the perfect audience and/or venue and matching that with your pitch will benefit you long after you’ve stepped off the stage.

Sexy Titles that Build Interest

This is where marketing intersects with great copy. Meeting planners are looking for speakers with topics and titles that will sell out their events. Many attendees are not only justifying the financial investment, but the time commitment itself; how much time will it take out of their busy schedules?. Your titles need to spark curiosity and make attendees eager to learn more.

For example, let’s say you’re a health coach and you submit the topic: Healthy Eating For Busy Families or Dieting 101. These titles don’t really sound all that interesting; they’ve done and redone before. Meeting planners will overlook this.

You want something to grab their attention. So, submitting Hello French Fries and Other Healthy Eating Hacks or Mother Nature Shuns Organics are titles that are a bit off the wall; they’ll grab people’s attention

Also, keep in mind that if you’re speaking at breakout sessions you’ll be competing with other speakers at the same time slot. Your title is what will lure people into your room. Full rooms equal happy meeting planners and possibly a main stage invite next year!

Share Yourself

You’ve heard the old adage, we buy from those we know like and trust. That’s no different when it comes to pitching yourself or your ideas to be the speaker. But how can you do that successfully?

Don’t be so rigid and unnatural in your pitch or proposal. Stiff and proper might mean polite, but it can also come across as boring. Add your own flare; don’t hide your personality and write your pitch the way you speak. Don’t try to fit into somebody else’s “mold”. Let them have an opportunity to get a sense of who you are and get to know you.

Another idea I’m encouraging my clients to use to stand out is video. Create a video of you pitching your ideas to meeting planners. This is a phenomenal way for them to get to know you, learn what you’re all about and hear your pitch personally. Plus, the majority of people don’t do this! So it’s a surefire way to stand out from the crowd.

Find the Responsible Person

Most calls for speakers are forms or word documents venues require you to fill out and submit. You should still do this; however, I’m suggesting another step to stand out and have your pitch read by others—plural. Find the person in charge; it’ll  take some investigative work on Google, the organization’s website, Facebook or LinkedIn, but trust me. It’s worth it! You will get your ins.

Offer Extras

Once you’re selected to be a main speaker, how can you help promote the event? Personally, I create a promo video for the event to use in their marketing or on their website.You might also want to post on social media and keep people informed of when and where you’ll be speaking next!

Is this list exhaustive? By no means, but there’s more than enough ideas here to get you penciled in as a speaker in some upcoming events. Don’t second-guess yourself. You are an expert in your field; trust that and reach out to offer people the solutions and support you bring. Make those connections and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You’ve got this and there are so many opportunities just ripe for the picking. You just have to take those first few steps.

Ready to add speaking to your marketing plan and get booked but not sure where to start? Grab this Directory of Places to Speak to get started.

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