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3 Secrets to Finding Speaking Events

Last week I attended a 25th wedding anniversary party. While some faces were familiar, a whole lot of them weren’t. Connecting with friends and family was great and the laughs were even better. The room was filled with all types of people: business owners, teachers, government employees, healthcare professionals, students, retirees, young parents, and more.

Why am I sharing this with you? Stay with me, it’ll pay off.

You’d NEVER walk to the front of that party room, grab a glass and clink it with a plastic knife, saying, “Attention everyone, I’m going to share with you how I can change your business.”

So along the same lines, why in the world would you ever go after or say yes to any and all speaking opportunities that come your way?

It’s more beneficial for you to speak less often to the RIGHT audience than speak more often to the WRONG audience.

Let me explain why speaking to the wrong audience is a mistake you don’t want to make.

Let’s say you’re a CPA or bookkeeper and your ideal clients are small business owners. If you got hired to speak to a group of engineers from various companies, they’d have no need for your services or information. Why? Because they’re not business owners. More likely than not, they will not be engaged with your presentation, nor refer you to others. They’ll be checking their emails, Facebook, or playing Candy Crush while you speak. In this scenario, the meeting planner is less likely to recommend you in the future based on their audience’s reaction and the evaluations of your presentation. It becomes a waste of time for you and bad for business. Not to mention, you’re likely going to feel somewhat deflated afterwards; nobody really wins in this scenario.

Finding the perfect audiences, on the other hand, is good for your business, reputation and future bookings. (And a whole lot of other reasons, which you can learn in this video!)

So, how do you find the right live or virtual audiences?


Finding Speaking Events Tip: Where to Hang Out?


As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you have a list of networking groups and events you attend, and perhaps a few professional groups as well. Consider reaching out to these groups, to the people with shared interests who already know you; it can be almost natural in those circles for you to offer your services and educate the group. When people already know you, we call that a warm lead, and it’s most likely they’ll say yes. Since you already know each other , it’ll be like talking to a group of friends, which will definitely ease your nerves when it comes to speaking.


Finding Speaking Events Tip: Who Is Your Ideal Client?


The first step to identifying the perfect meetings, conferences, and events is to know and understand who your customers or clients are. What type of meetings or conferences do they attend? What networking events do they go to? What associations or professional trade groups are they members of? Who do they follow? What email newsletter do they read?

These are the places where you should be reaching out to speak.


Finding Speaking Events Tip: Finding More


Now, let’s head over to Google to find even more events and groups. When working with my private clients, I help them find audiences filled with their ideal buyers—people looking to buy the solution they offer.

In Google, you’ll want to do a search with keywords about your ideal clients and your location.

For example, let’s say you’re a health coach that works with moms before, during and after pregnancy. (Because you know the power of niching down will help you stand out in a noisy industry!) And, you’re located in the Dallas, Texas area.

You might type this into Google: Dallas, pregnant, moms, health and fitness, conference and here’s what you’ll find.



Another keyword tip is to add the year or month you’re looking to get booked. Keep in mind some conferences and events book anywhere from one month to a year in advance.

To get more ideas for places to speak, listed by industry, click here to get your copy of the Directory of Places to Speak.

There are literally thousands of meetings, conference, and other speaking opportunities every month. Those meeting planners are looking for smart speakers on various topics. They’re looking to book you.

Start looking today to get booked, but only reach out to the RIGHT groups or audiences that are filled with your ideal clients and buyers.


Speak and Stand Out!



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