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Are You Ready to Sharpen Your Public Speaking Skills?

Notice I chose the word “sharpen” instead of “try” when it comes to public speaking skills. Public speaking skills are valuable tools in your marketing arsenal. Rather than think of public speaking as an elective, something you can opt-in or out of, you should develop your public speaking skills the core pillars supporting your brand and mission.

The first part of this question — Are You Ready? — should be answered in the affirmative, no matter what. You are ready, whether you know it or not. You’re ready because you’re reading this blog post. You’re ready because you do have something to say. And the best part of is… people need and want to hear it.

Stick around while I clear the air of the static I hear everyday about using public speaking skills NOW, rather than later. Trust me when I say that these objections are really just poor excuses, but certainly powerful enough to delay the success you deserve. Keep reading, there’s a quiz you take if you don’t trust my professional experience.


But, But… I’m Just Not Ready!


This is the broken record that resonates in my daily interactions. People believe they are not ready to use public speaking skills because they “don’t know enough” or “haven’t been in business long enough.” You know what I say to both of these objections? Nonsense!!

These assumptions are false because, in fact, you do know enough and the length of time you’ve “been in business” is actually irrelevant. The fact is there is no required length of time that you need to be in business before you can educate others about what you do and why. Remember, people need help and don’t want to search high and low to find a specific solution.  

Public speaking is a gift to your audience. You’re saying, hey, this is what I do and here’s how I know I can help you with what YOU do or what you’d like to do.

Wouldn’t you want to be the recipient of that kind of solutions-oriented gift?


Introductions Aren’t Made on a Timeline


If it helps, think of public speaking as a simple introduction. You are introducing yourself and what you do to others. Now, you shouldn’t worry about whether your business, brand, or offering perfectly aligns with the needs of whom you’re speaking with. If they don’t right now, they certainly might down the road. Also, your audience likely already knows of people who do need your solutions. So, introduce yourself! Gift these listeners with the chance to connect with your solutions — whether for themselves or someone they know.

Come on, who doesn’t like being the referral hero within their cohort?


Teachers Never Stop Learning


At least, not the very best ones. Stepping to the front of the room and teaching people about your business and what you offer doesn’t mean you know it all or have all the answers. No one in the audience is attending with those expectations. You have enough experience and knowledge to share something of use to your listeners, but doing so doesn’t mean that you’re done learning or you’ve somehow reached the pinnacle of your career and no longer seek knowledge yourself.

When you think public speaking, you should not envision some voice of authority, a sage, an all-knowing presence, delivering the secret of life or business before a rapt audience. Instead, consider public speaking the vehicle delivering your message — because you do have something to say — to your audience as a way of offering them solutions to their problems.

That’s it. You are a teacher and you have lessons, or maybe one really strong, solid lesson to share. Because you are a good teacher, you are committed to learning more — always. More about your business, your brand, your audience, and your self. Public speaking is a perfect way to educate others and yourself in the process.


Do Public Speaking Skills Really Matter to Marketing?


If you choose to make it a priority and actually use it? Yes, absolutely. Public speaking does really matter when it comes to marketing… and, ultimately, makes a difference to your bottomline.

I’ll leave you with this

When I left my corporate career, I started using public speaking right away in order to fill my client roster and attract more speaking opportunities. Three months later, I completely replaced my corporate income, giving my business the foundation to grow, successfully. Here’s a quiz if you’re not sure you’re ready.

Are you ready to better develop your public speaking skills? Can you afford not to?

Drop me a line and let’s have a chat about how I can help you sharpen your public speaking skills in order to leverage more leads for your brand and business.


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