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the perfect livestream

Whether you livestream on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc here are the steps to have a great, easy livestream.

🎥 Look directly into the camera (and not at yourself). This will help you connect with those watching you live or on the replay to feel like you’re talking to them and not looking away.

🔥 Tell them right away what they’ll be learning on this LIVE

This gives your live and replay viewer a reason to stick around and continue watching.


🔥 Your Livestream Introduction


Have an introduction that allows the audience to get to know you better, especially if it’s their first time watching you.

Here’s mine as an example: I’m Laurie-Ann Murabito, your host. I’m a reformed painfully shy gal who accidentally became a professional speaker. Today I’m an online Business Coach and Speaking Strategist, helping women leverage speaking as their BEST form of marketing to easily get visible, attract new clients and leverage their intellectual property.


🔥Share on the Livestream


Share 1-2 points, tips or ideas with supporting information, which can be a story, stat or quote.

Don’t over teach because you’ll only confuse the viewer.

Besides, Facebook LOVES it when you go live……ad they’ll let you go live again.


🔥 Call to action


What do you want the viewer to do next to deepen the learning of what you shared. CTA can be to grab your optin, book a call with you, go to your website to learn more or commit to doing something.




Here are some examples of my livestreams.


Ready to hit that GO LIVE button? Share with me one thing you’d like to share or teach on your first or next live.


Laurie-Ann Murabito business coach for women

Laurie-Ann Murabito, Mentor & Business Coaching for Women. I work with coaches, consultant and service professionals wanting to grow their online business, get positioned as the expert to hire, and leverage their intellectual property quickly!

Leaving her corporate healthcare job with no business plan but a desire in her heart and a vision in her mind. She replaced her salary in 3 months and built a 6 figure business. She combines her years as an executive coach, obsession with growing businesses and love for the online world to help her clients grow and scale faster.

Ready to start or scale your online business? Book an information call with Laurie-Ann TODAY!


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