Speak and Stand Out with Laurie-Ann Murabito

Ever wondered what the difference is between those totally amazing, easy days and the ones where you feel like you’re moving through waist deep mud? Let’s talk about what’s really going on and what the actual difference is between these two days

2:07 | How taking care of “from the neck up” will take care of “from the neck down”
2:51 | Some days are challenging regardless of a positive mindset, let’s explore that
4:49 | How having a positive mindset can attract positive things to you
5:35 | If you’re having trouble with a positive outlook or mindset, here’s what you can do
6:30 | Here’s what I do in my own mindset practice
8:06 | Why reading email first thing in the morning is not good for cultivating a positive mindset
10:05 | Practice makes perfect when it comes to anything, but this is particularly true of mindset
12:36 | Why money mindset is one of the key mindset areas to focus on
14:05 | Two great books to help you to start practicing mindset work
15:25 | Why saying you have no time to practice mindset work is not an excuse
17:58 | Tips for you to easily start practicing mindset today
21:56 | This one thing is the most important step in any mindset work

*Links to the resources mentioned in the show:
Mindset The New Psychology of Success

The Creation Frequency 
ThinkUp App https://apps.apple.com/us/app/thinkup…

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