Speak and Stand Out with Laurie-Ann Murabito

Live Streaming – How to use it for your life & business

01:35 | Why NOW is the perfect time to go LIVE to build community, connect with your audience and customers and stay TOP of mind.
6:25 | How to “go live” so that you can practice and feel confident
8:46 | My very first live wasn’t as good as the lives I’m doing today. You will get better with each live you do, I promise!
9:15 | These are the 3 to do’s for starting your live.
12:29 | You don’t need fancy tech to get started. You have everything you need right now with your smartphone.
13:51 | Facebook loves it when you go live and it’ll help you with the algorithm.
14:30 | Here’s my live streaming template and it starts with a hook. You need to give your viewer a good reason to stick around and watch. What’s in it for them.
16:32 | Don’t teach “everything” you know. One or two small tips.
17:54 | How I use (free) Canva to make the graphics for my lives to announce on social media and a thumbnail for the video. Check out my videos thumbnails on my biz page.
19:00 | Here’s a tip to help you not forget what you’re going to say.


Laurie-Ann Murabito business coaching for women

Laurie-Ann, Business Mentor & Success Coach for coaches, consultant and service professionals wanting to grow their online business, get positioned as the expert to hire, and leverage their intellectual property quickly!

Leaving her corporate healthcare job with no business plan but a desire in her heart and a vision in her mind. She replaced her salary in 3 months and built a 6 figure business. She combines her years as an executive coach, obsession with growing businesses and love for the online world to help her clients grow and scale faster.

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