Speak and Stand Out with Laurie-Ann Murabito


So, You’re Wondering… What Does a Business Coach Do?

To start with, a big part of my job as a business coach involves education. Like most business owners, I find myself continually reinforcing my platform by teaching colleagues and potential clients all about what I do. It’s pretty tough to imagine marketing myself without a clear understanding and demonstration of my business’ value, and


3 Secrets to Finding Speaking Events

Last week I attended a 25th wedding anniversary party. While some faces were familiar, a whole lot of them weren’t. Connecting with friends and family was great and the laughs were even better. The room was filled with all types of people: business owners, teachers, government employees, healthcare professionals, students, retirees, young parents, and more.


How to Pitch Yourself as the Speaker and get Noticed

You’ve heard me shouting from the rooftops—and onstage—about how public speaking is the best (and I mean the best) form of marketing for your business. There are so many opportunities for you to shine as a speaker, but what do you do once you find an event? How do you get eyes (and ears) on