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How The Weeds in Your Garden Are Invading Your Mindset

Ya know those weeds in your flower and vegetable garden? Guess what they’re doing? They’re stealing the essential water and nutrients that your flowers and veggies need to really grow and produce beautiful blooms and delicious ingredients for your dinner table. Those weeds are like the limiting beliefs or negative thoughts that are invading your


There is no visibility DNA

There is no visibility DNA – it’s not your DNA that makes you better at being visible or better at speaking either. It’s all about baby steps and doing the work. I want to share with you how to become more visible and the whole reason why I’m doing this is because I want you



Ever wondered what the difference is between those totally amazing, easy days and the ones where you feel like you’re moving through waist deep mud? Let’s talk about what’s really going on and what the actual difference is between these two days SHOW NOTES: 2:07 | How taking care of “from the neck up” will


Your outside world is a reflection of your inside world

Your inside world is a reflection of your outside world. What do I mean by that? If you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, it’s time to change your inside world and in this episode I’m going to show you how to be the private investigator to your life. Let’s dive in. SHOW NOTES: 4:04 | I’m


How to make this crisis work for you

INTRODUCTION: In this live we are going to be talking about how to make this crisis work for you so that you don’t fall into a negative spiral and come out of this with a flourishing business. SHOW NOTES: 2:32 | Controlling your day CAN help you control your negative emotions. Do THIS to gain

the perfect livestream


Whether you livestream on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc here are the steps to have a great, easy livestream. 🎥 Look directly into the camera (and not at yourself). This will help you connect with those watching you live or on the replay to feel like you’re talking to them and not looking away. 🔥 Tell


Are You Ready to Sharpen Your Public Speaking Skills?

Notice I chose the word “sharpen” instead of “try” when it comes to public speaking skills. Public speaking skills are valuable tools in your marketing arsenal. Rather than think of public speaking as an elective, something you can opt-in or out of, you should develop your public speaking skills the core pillars supporting your brand


How to Calm the Fear of Public Speaking

Business Coaching Services Soothes Fear of Public Speaking    In honor of Halloween, it’s time to remove the mask on public-speaking phobias and reveal some real statistics about public-speaking fears and how to shake them… for good. Spoiler alert: people do, in fact, fear death more than standing and speaking in front of others. The,


So, You’re Wondering… What Does a Business Coach Do?

To start with, a big part of my job as a business coach involves education. Like most business owners, I find myself continually reinforcing my platform by teaching colleagues and potential clients all about what I do. It’s pretty tough to imagine marketing myself without a clear understanding and demonstration of my business’ value, and