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03 Why To Pick A Platform To Build Your Business On

Call it a platform, stage or a soap box but you need some way to stand out for your audience to see and learn from you. To turn prospects into clients they need to find you and that’s where your stage or platform comes in. In this episode, we will discuss the various types of stages and platforms to choose from to suit your business model. 


Here’s a short rundown of this episode:


  • The different types of platforms for you to choose from. (Spoiler alert: there’s one for all businesses, even if you’re a painful shy gal like me!) 
  • Why a platform positions you as the expert and clients want to hire an expert to help them solve their problem.
  • How to pick a platform that best suits your personality style and business model.


PLUS, how to make that decision today, so that you start attracting the right clients who want to work with you.



Getting seen and heard so that your business grows and thrives and so that you can scale your business is so key and necessary. And a lot of times, so many of us are actually shy introvert, and it’s really hard for us to put ourselves out there. And that’s what I’m going to be talking about on today’s show is about how you can comfortably find a platform that suits your needs personality so that your ideal clients can find you let’s get it.


Hello. It’s good to be back Back here for another episode. And today I want to talk about one of my passionate, passionate subjects, and that is finding a platform. We all need some sort of a stage or platform for people to find us. And this is one thing that I helped my private clients with because there’s so many different platforms that are out there and you’ve got to find one that feels really,


really good for you because when it feels really good for you, when you enjoy your particular platform, it’s going to showin how you present yourself, your ideal clients, your audience, people that are watching or reading are actually going to be able to feel how much you enjoy this. And that’s what I really want to focus on today. Because when you find that ideal platform,


you get positioned as the expert. Yes. Even if you don’t feel that you’re an expert right now, trust me, you are, you know, a little bit more about your journey, about your area of expertise than somebody else who is still on the journey, but areseveral steps behind you. You’re the expert who is kind of like in a dark room,


you have the flashlight guiding the way from one end of the room to another end of the room so that you help your ideal clients, you know, not trip and stumble as they get over to the other side of the room. And so that they get to the other side of the room a whole lot quicker, your an expert, your story and your experience and your education has all brought you to where you are.


And the good news is buyers hire and want to work with experts. So that’s one of the first things that I want you to do is I want you to, just to step in and own your expertise own that. You know, I have been a coach, coaching leaders, coaching executives, my obsession with business and business building, and also speaking and finding a platform that I’ve put together into this current business.


And again, I’ll share more about my story another time, but I want you to find a platform. There are so many different platforms. And let me just share with you some different forms of platforms that you get to choose from, and you don’t have to do them all before, even list them off. I want you to realize you don’t have to do them all.


I don’t want you to do them all live streaming can be live streaming on Instagram, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on YouTube. You could live stream on all of them because there are certain software that allows you to do stuff like that. Creating videos that aren’t necessarily live, you can do in person events. You know, right now we’re toward getting towards the end of this worldwide pandemic.


And there are live events that are being scheduled now. And it’s nice to see that that stuff is coming back, but there’s so many different virtual event. All of these places that have meetings, they went from in person meetings to zoom, to virtual meetings, to virtual presentations, virtual networking groups. And by the way, they’re always looking for different subject matters.


You could be blogging. Writing content could be your platform. And blogging is also another one being a guest expert in somebody’s Facebook group. Somebody’s mastermind, even in like live events, virtual events, you can be that guest expert podcast, whether you’re hosting or whether you’re a guest. And these are just some of the different forms of platforms. You might even have your own Facebook group.


And that’s another form of a platform or a stage where people can actually watch you and learn from you in a place where you can share your skills. So those are the different types of platforms. And let me share with you, I call it like a ripple effect because of your platform. Somebody’s going to come and find you and find what you say,


huh? This is interesting. It’s going to be the first time that they ever heard or read your material. And then they’re going to go and learn a little bit more about you. I call it like social media stalking, you know, because it’s okay to do that. They’re going to look you up on Instagram, on LinkedIn, you know, your website,


they’re going to check you out on Facebook. And we all know, like on our personal page, we have lots of different clues about who we are and where to find more information. You’re going to find that that’s how people will start to get to know you all because you owned your expertise and you took on some sort of a platform, a stage,


if you will. One of those that I listed off earlier, and if you’re a shy introvert, or maybe you’re brand new at all of this, and this might be all like, Oh my goodness. You know, this is all really scary to put myself out there. I gotcha. And I totally understand because I, myself deep down inside, I’m a shy introvert myself.


As a matter of fact, I am a reformed painfully shy girl. And when I say painfully shy, I mean, I like looked at the floor and considered myself an expert on sneakers and tile floors. Then I didn’t like looking at people like in the eye, even when they were talking to me. So if I can go from that to speaking on stages and hosting my own podcast and having a live stream show,


that’s once a week over my Facebook group, I know that you can too, but guess what? It didn’t happen overnight. And most of my private clients, they’ve learned this as well. It doesn’t happen overnight, but they took a baby step and then they took another baby step. And then you, I realize, huh, it’s just like a muscle it’s like going to the gym.


You can’t go to the gym once a month, do the bicep curls with whatever. Like let’s say five pounds and expect the following month that you’re going to be up to 10 pounds. Now you didn’t do it enough. We have to actually, whatever new skill that we’re trying to take on and take it on and just practice and do it again. And again is one thing that I share with my private clients.


And I’ll share this with you here too, is that my very first Facebook live, which is over on my business page page is still up. And I leave it up there for a reason. One, because I was petrified one of the new technology, you know, did I really bring my personality, but I want people to go check it out because You compare that to today And you’ll see a dramatic difference.


Just the way that I feel more comfortable in front of live. You know, I probably have more people that are, that are watching me that are on my lives at the same time that are engaging with me. But it’s a muscle that we just get stronger at. I did not wake up one day and say, Oh my God, I’m going to be fabulous at live streaming.


And then like do fantastic. No, I was scared and not to mention like some of the mental chatter that was going on, but I was there to serve. And that’s what I encourage and support my clients with is finding one of these platforms and then realizing, Hey, if you’re going to live stream, it’s a muscle. If you’re going to blog,


we’re gonna create videos. They’re all muscles. If you’re going to speak and be a guest expert in somebody else’s group, it’s a muscle I want to encourage you. You will get stronger, you’ll get stronger. And it will get so much easier as time goes on. So if you’re a painfully shy girl like me, or you’re just like, I don’t know where to start.


I do have a resource for you. And you can find that over in the show notes and the resources called it’s at speak and stand out.com forward slash resource. And it is my petrified to profits. A five steps to help you get visible because we all know we need to get visible. So our ideal clients will find us because they want to see us as experts.


And by putting ourselves on those people, forums, platforms, stages, whatever word feels good to you, that positions us as the expert. And remember our buyers want to hire experts. Our ideal clients are looking for somebody further along who has done what they need to do. They are looking to hire an expert. So I want to encourage you from the list that I just shared with you.


Live streaming videos in person events, stages, blogging, blogging, the list went on. I want you to pick a couple and make sure you pick at least two and make sure they feel really good. Like I could wrap my arms around this one. This I’m going to feel comfortable with. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel a little uncomfortable at first because remember that muscle probably is a little bit weaker,


but you know that, you know what? This is going to feel good. I’m going to enjoy doing this. And also as a side note, yougotta make sure whatever platform you decide to choose on that your ideal client will find you. So, in other words, if your ideal clients are mompreneurs, you know, are they hanging out with Facebook groups and on Facebook,


Instagram, are they over on LinkedIn or some other type of forum? I want you to make sure that you show up where your ideal client can find you. And remember you are your best form of marketing. I kind of like touched on this in the beginning, you are your best form of marketing. When people can see, you can see even if it’s pictures or your live streaming or their videos of you in action,


they’ve done studies where that is way more effective than if I can’t see you. If it’s just a blog post with no image, you know, I want people to be able to see you to feel you. And again, the more you enjoy the platform that you choose, you’re just going to show up a live. And that energy of being alive is what is going to attract your next clients.


So whether you’re just starting out or you’re taking A pivot or you’re scaling your business, let’s find you a platform. And what can I discuss this more over in my private Facebook group, the link is in the show notes, and I would love to have you over there. So have a great day until our next episode, which will be coming up soon.

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